Bakken Groundbreaking

From left, Vicki Smith (VP), Teddy Phillips (Phillips & Jordan), Mayor Brent Sanford, Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley, Paul Dries (COO), Karen Sensenbrenner (AJAE Private Equity)



he Bakken Development Solutions management team has over 50 years of experience and is committed to excellence by virtue of smart growth and innovative thinking. During our introduction to the Bakken Region, our team saw an immediate and evident need for residential and commercial improvements, and we concentrate our efforts on building high quality residential and commercial property.



BDS Land's mission is to create sustainable urban developments that preserve affordable housing and innovative commercial property, and these developments must benefit and strengthen the existing community. BDS Land incorporates a unique development approach through an in-depth understanding of the community’s history, processes, strategies, aspirations and basic, essential demands now and into the future.


Paul Dries

Paul Dries

Chief Operating Officer

25 years in real estate
Friendswood Development Company (A subsidiary of Exxon USA) – Houston, Texas
NTS Development Company – Louisville, Kentucky
Heritage Hill – Shepherdsville, Kentucky
River Breeze – Louisville, Kentucky

Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith

Vice President

Samsung America - Regional Sales Manager
Geneva Riverside - Owner/Operator
Hydrozonix - Property Management
Bakken Development Solutions - Property Management